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This isn't simply a memorial...so I didn't know where to put it. If it gets moved, so be it; I just wanted everyone to see this.

I want to thank you all, so much, for the help, advice, inspiration and support I found here for the time I had Templeton. It has only been a short while, but it was really amazing to be able to join somewhere new and feel accepted and helped instantly.

The help I recieved here ensured that I could give the best possible care to Temp while I was caring for him, and be able to reassure his owner that I really was doing right by him.

Templeton was sadly put to sleep yesterday. (Friday)
He was over 3 years old and was showing it...but was still happy and as healthy as expected to be until a few days ago. He became less active, but with no symptoms and I was told to look out for ANYTHING symptomatic and to make sure he was eating and drinking. Then, on Thursday afternoon, there was porphyrin around his nose and redness around his gentitals. It was too late to take him to a vet...there is no out of hours here...so I kept cleaning him up and making sure he was drinking and fed him baby food to make sure he was keeping his strength up. Thursday night, it was clear that the redness was not porpyrin staining, but actually blood. I figured that he had (hopefully just) had a UTI and would need antibiotics...or worse, had something wrong with his kidneys or a tumor in his bladder. ):

First thing Friday morning, I set out to take him to the vets...but he wasn't moving to eat and wouldn't even take baby food. He was so unlike himself, that it was obvious what was going to happen....so I made sure his true mommy came with us...

At the vet, he seemed eager to smell his mom again...but still didn't really move. It was as if he wanted to, but couldn't.
His legs were already in pretty bad shape down to his age, but he couldn't lift one of his legs at all, and it was just lying underneath him, his body weight on top of it. And even when the vet repositioned it, it would slide back under.

The vet said what I thought, but said that since he was so weak, it was far more than likely that even if it was a UTI, which was unlikely, that the treatment would not work as fast as his metabolism would kill him without his eating. ):

His owner chose to end his obvious suffering instead of risking him suffering a great deal more, and he was put to sleep and cremated.

I loved him for the brief time I got to spend with him...and my daughter cried so much that it broke my heart twice over. I hope that I gave him a good life while he was here...and if I did, it was completely, 100% down to the help I found here.

You all added a great deal to his life (if I hadn't had your help, he may not have ended his life happily...who knows...) and I wanted you all to know how grateful I am.

Thank-you very much.

I won't be getting another rat at any time soon, so I won't be on here...but if I ever do have another ratty addition to the family, or two, or more(!) then I will instantly be right back.

Again, thanks. x
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