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I've got five ratties,two adult girls named Athena and Ashley, and two boys Albert and Brutus, and one who is 10 days old, my Athena's (and likely Brutus') baby, also a girl.

IMG_1087.jpg This is Athena and Ashley, two hooded ratties. Ashley is on top. Fun Fact: When one is sleeping on top of the other, if she moves to be more comfortable, she loses her place on top and becomes the one on the bottom. They came from Petsmart, and these two are how I found out Petsmart does not sell healthy rats. Within the same day I had to take Ashley back because she had a URI, and then two days later, Athena too. They are sturdy though, I got them back from the vet within the store on May 1st last year. Those sisters have a strong bond.

Athena is my bold adventurer who is always up for fun and mischief. (On more than one occasion she has climbed my blinds from behind, sat on the place where the two panes meet, and then jumped through the blinds onto my (very thin) TV, safely and balanced.)

Ashley is a bit more hesitant to do anything, and always learns the jumping and the climbing things later on (but learned to run on the wheel first). She's probably my sweetest baby, I think Albert is close to her on that scale though.

IMG_1655.jpg This is Albert sitting in the new food bowl that attaches to the cage. Not eating from it, sitting in it, just chilling. He's the Ashley of my boys, very hesitant to do anything, fairly skittish. Also hooded, same color as 'Thena, and he's got just a little dot of black fur in the middle of his tummy.

IMG_1645.jpg This is Brutus! My Berkshire baby, he's a fuzzy ball of fur and energy. He flattens himself when he's asleep sometimes. He knows who his momma is already. When I kneel down on the floor and he's under the bed (they love it down there) I'll make my "come here" noises and call his name, he'll come right to me! Very loving, and also a major horn dog. I'm 95% sure he's the one who knocked up Athena, but that's a story for another day.

I got my boys (born this March on the third) from a breeder. They're half Dumbo, and their ears are big like Athena's so I'm thinking my girls are also half Dumbos. I think my boys are also Velveteen, because of the silly whiskers and wavy fur. I had to keep them in a separate cage for weeks before I could get them neutered. (Imagine my surprise to come home to Athena nursing little pinkies last Monday....)

Speaking of little pinkies, here's a pic of the baby!
IMG_1664.jpg This is from a couple of days ago. Her fur has mostly grown in and we were 95% sure she was a girl, up to today when we were 100% sure. (Thank goodness only girl rats have nipples, right!?) You may notice her tail is a little short and doesn't taper? She's been like that since birth, there a little scab on the bottom of her tail in this picture, it fell off recently.

And, because my other surviving rats have 6 letter names, hers does too. This is Blaire!!!

(I had a small rat named Belle for only 3 weeks. I got her from Petsmart, treated her for a URI (duh), but she died to what seemed like organ failure. She had a five letter name. I noticed the pattern the other day, not taking any chances.)

So these are my rats!
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