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Hello everyone nice to meet you all :rolleyes:

I am Sina :p and I love animals, all of them! But I didn't have the chance to have any of them in the last 5 years because of my lifestyle (University and traveling a lot), but now the things had changed because I am moving in with my boyfriend so finally I had the opportunity to have pets again!

I was trying to decide which pet will be the best choice: I love love dogs, but then my boyfriend was not really happy with the idea to have a dog in a flat, so I started the research of something more little than a dog but intelligent, familiar, cute, something to dedicate hours of training, kisses and love. Then I discovered the Rat World :D and I felt in love with that little cuties.

Everything I discovered about them is gorgeous, they seem really an amazing pet that could steel your heart.
For now I don't have any rats because I want to have all the information before I get them: food, breeders, adoption, cages, health, etc...
I am going to be prepared when the time comes ;D ;D
In the meantime I hope to solve all my doubts with you guys and see all your lovely rats!
(some advice for someone who is going to start in this world?)
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