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"The Box"

In the middle of the floor was a box
and around the sides each rat walks.

Albert presses down the small flap to see more
and Brutus doesn't feel the need to explore.

In goes Albert, his head pops up
sitting in the box like his food cup.

Brutus leaves, Albert jumps out
Ashley sniffs with her little snout.

Each little rat sniffed excessively,
because they each felt the similarity.

The rats' mommy watched on with care.
because she got them out of her hair.

True story, happened today. I wanted Ashley to quit chewing on furniture, and for the boys to not follow in her footsteps. I got a box down from some drawers- where these rats have been before, and put it on the floor. (Apparently I'm still rhyming, but at least it's good timing. ;D)Funny how the only poems I like are the ones that elementary schools would like to read.
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