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The Daisy Mill - Products for Paws and People!

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;D Happy to say I've finally reached my 100 post mark. I'm a zooming fuzlet now! I thought I'd take the opportunity to share my Etsy shop with you guys. It's called The Daisy Mill and is named after my two girls, Daisy and Millie : ) You may have seen my banner in my siggy!

I make all sorts of things, including pet products and people products. I just finished a bunch of slip-away collars for pets and am about to go live with some ratty-themed listings! I knit, crochet, sew, do macrame, paint, and do a ton of other stuff. I also love making all natural products, like plant based food colorings for my papier mache rat huts! I always strive to make things that are safe for pets and humans, so I use all non-toxic materials, make whatever I can from scratch, and upcycle whenever possible! I make hammocks, toys, huts and accessories for animals. For humans, I make everything from essential oil candles to jewelry! I'm just starting out, so I only have a few listings, but I am going to be posting more soon!

As of now, I accept paypal and am working on getting direct checkout set up. I'm also pretty sure that the shop accepts Etsy gift cards.

Please consider supporting a fellow rat lover and spreading the love!

My shop:

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This just in! We now have our first hammock up for sale! More coming soon : )
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