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The Gang. Meet the Ladies!

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Ok, so I have finally gotten some pictures where they aren't running around like mad animals. Ignore the rust, its under the wheel, I keep placing fabric there and they run off with it. Yes, I could use ties, I try they still run away with it. Its not a permanent home, I have the new cage, I'm still trying to coat the inside, buy stuff and I just want it to be perfect.

Alice - Tan and white, she doesn't have tan spots like Maggie and Pepper, they are speckled though and very interesting, I'm trying to get a picture but she wont turn her back to me, lol. She is the new one and is still shy but has her moments of wanting to do what her older sisters do.

[Why, hello there!]

[They has stolen a straw, I have no idea, and those are Peppers whiskers.

Maggie - Maggie is the largest of the ladies. She has three large spots on her back, one behind her hood, the other on her top back and the last one is small right before her tail starts. Its easy to tell her and pepper apart. Size and pattern. She loves to give kisses and lick my fingers clean.

[I hung a peanut from the top of their cage and this was taken as soon as she pulled it down. So smart, knows what she wants.]

Pepper - The sweetest girl. If I ever had a rat who was the easiest to pick up it is her, she just goes limp and waits to be taken out to play. She is the smallest, longest tailed girl in the bunch. Loves to explore, first to the door to say hi, I adore her, so sweet.

[I move to fast, its hard to take pictures of me.]

[Hmm, time to play?]
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