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I figured it was time to do a group intro for my rats, so I'll start with the girls!
Mammal Hamster Skin Rat Muridae
Freyja: Champagne dumbo that I bought from a pet store with her 2 day old litter of 8 pups. She is my heart rat even though she can be a little pest sometimes. She's always quick to bribe me with kisses when she wants to lick my oatmeal bowl in the morning and never lets me do anything alone if she's out of the cage. She walks at heel and has been leash trained.
Muridae Snout Rat Gerbil Rodent
Isis: Himilayan dumbo that I have had since she was born. She is my eldest girl at just over a year old. Isis can be very crabby and I call her my old lady because that's generally what she acts like. A particularly severe URI changed her demeanor and she has slowed down significantly. She loves to sit in my lap and get scratches behind her ears...as long as that's what she wants at the time.
Rat Mammal Hamster Mouse Muridae
Astrid: Black and white vari-hood rex with standard ears; she is the daughter of Isis. Astrid is an interesting little girl that I've had since she was born. Despite my endless attempts to help calm her, she has the instincts of a wild rat and is extremely cautious about EVERYTHING. She does the "stop/start" way of getting around even though she knows every inch of my office. She comes when called and will hop into my lap, but if I move too quickly she's gone in an instant. This doesn't seem to hinder our relationship much and she still enjoys scratches when she's curled up in the cage.
Rat Hamster Muridae Muroidea Mouse
Phoebe: Black and white dumbo, I have no clue what to call her markings lol. She is my newest girl who I picked up from a store because I suspected she was pregnant. She never gave birth and is still quite large so she may just be a very plump girl. I have her on a high fiber diet in case of late onset megacolon, but she seems to be fine. She's warming up quite nicely to me and to the rest of my girls.
Rat Mouse Muridae Rodent Hamster
Nimh: Standard ear tricolor with a split blaze and small back stripe; if I had to explain her colors I'd call her face a very muted blue/brown and her back stripe a milk chocolate color. Nimh is a week older than Astrid, but you wouldn't be able to tell from her size. She is about the size of an 8 week old male and I don't expect her to get much bigger. She is wild in a different way than Astrid and would probably find a way to get onto my ceiling fan just to go for a spin if I didn't watch her closely. She's extremely sweet but she just really doesn't have time to stop and wait around for pets lol


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