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The Horde! --- debuting my new boys, Himi & rex darlings

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I have quite a few ratties in my life. Technically, only five of them are mine, but I live with my boyfriend's rats, and I'm about to move in with a good friend who has three girls. So, I consider them all "mine" in a loose way. Plus, very few of the rats are actually living with their "owners," because so many of the rats are in quarantine that consolidation had to happen!

Also, I just added two boys to the horde today! A local petstore had two cute boys I couldn't resist. I've always wanted a Himalayan and a rex.

Here's my #1 girl, my first rattie love, and complete and utter darling: Butt-butt, also known as Butts, Buttsies, and Miss Butts. She'll be 1 year in a few weeks. She's a silky dumbo beige self. She's extremely cuddly for a girl, and enjoys lounging about while having her cheek rubbed. A rabid wheel runner.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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My other girl is also new, she's a "rescue" from a petshop with deplorable conditions. She's the one on the left, and her name isn't quite decided upon. Also a dumbo. The one on the right is a friend's, named Possie. They're currently in quarantine.

And this is my first new boy! I'm not sure how old he is, and the petstore employee didn't know a thing about him. He might as well have dropped from the moon, for all that kid knew. Anyways, I believe that he is a Himalayan, and he appears to be either quite old or just very out of shape. He's barely able to climb to the hammock in his cage, but he's very friendly and likes to be petted. Standard ear, red eyes. I've been calling him Mr. G (for geriatric).

This is the other new boy, who is an unbelievebly friendly rex. He's a very pale color, lighter than my beige girl, and is darker on the butt and nose. He's got a lighter underbelly, too. Standard ears, red eyes. His name will probably be Fuzzbutts. ;) He's probably 4 wks old.

Icky (short for Icarus), the black with the white blaze, is also my boy. He's very timid and needs more socialization, but he's coming around. He's also got the cutest white socks, white belly that extends all the way up to his blaze, and a little white bit on the end of his tale. His white explosion of whiskers are amazing, too. What a cutie, and he's also a silky! Pickles is the cranky, chewy rat on the right, and belongs to my friend.

These are my boyfriend's boys, Mephy (Mephisto) and his son Data. They run on the wheel like there are monsters chasing them! Mephy, 1 year, and Data, 2.5 months.

Finally, this is my friend's prize girl, Lily. She's sweeter than sugar, almost as soft as the rex boy, and has the shapliest rat butt possible. It's kinda scary. Just over a year old.

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Re: The Horde! --- debuting my new boys, Himi & rex darl

Third to last picture - was that a cage they were in at the pet store/shelter? That thing looks nasty with all that rust :p
Re: The Horde! --- debuting my new boys, Himi & rex darl

2manyrats said:
If they're not touching the rust, isn't that okay?
So they never, ever touch the sides of the cage? It really isn't a suitable cage at all, even for very short use (a few hours). For a fairly cheap alternative, you can modify a large storage tote into a cage.
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