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Tought I should share some pics of my lovely rats!

This is my lovely Wille. His an agouti hooded, dumbo. 1 ½year old

And this is his brother Hugo, an agouti hooded eubk, dumbo, also 1 ½year old

I also run an animalshelter for rats. These rats are looking for new lovely homes, but until then they stays at our place
This is Firenze, Althalus & Allanon

Firenze & Allaon



Thats all from us!
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fallinstar said:
wow ur rats make my boys look small is there any thing that stunts their growth? or helps them grow more?or does it a depend on genes?
How old are your boys? All ratties will differ in size, but just wondering if yours are fully grown yet.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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