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The Time Has Come To...Buy More Food!

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Alright so as the title states, I need more rattie food for my four. I'm coming to the end of the food I have for them and I'm in need of something good for them. My situation is a little special though so let me explain. I have two (originally bought from pet store) older girls who have been eating icky pet store food their whole lives. Then I have two (bought from a breeder) young boys that were raised on fresh foods and things of the sort. I want to keep them all on the same diets they've been on since babies, except for the girls. The two girls need something better (I think). I hate that I've been giving them crappy food all this time. My question is, would changing the girls' diet be any good for them or do you think they'd rather stick to their usual? And then my other question is, besides giving fresh foods everyday to the boys, is there a better brand of food I can buy from a pet store OR online (I prefer online - pet store food is bad in my opinion)?
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You can get oxbow from both the pet store and online; it's a pretty good quality food. The girls should probably be on something better. You can transition them off their current feed onto something better; you can try a hard transition if it's really bad.
Oxbow 20lb bag from Drsfosterandsmith.com for $40. It should last you quite awhile and is by far the best price anywhere for the brand
Oxbow Adult Rat Food (Not the young rat one!) is the best food you can buy in stores, but you could also either buy a homemade mix or make your own mix to insure they get the highest quality food possible.
Thank you all for the suggestions! I went ahead today and bought Oxbow Adult Rat Food for them. They seem to like it alright! :)
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