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The worst day I have had ever.

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Today was a pretty good day, until i'm in the grocery store and i get a call. Well it's my boyfriends bother telling me they can't find Fiona(my rat). So at this point i'm mad and confused. because i cant figure out how she got out. well it turns out no one touched her but my boyfriends mother who just so happens to hate my rat(lives at my boyfriends house). She claims she didnt see her when she took her outside this morning(yes once i leave she takes her and puts her outside in her cage YES THIS IS ANIMAL ABUSE, i was in the process of moving her to my mothers house) and didnt see Fiona in her cage but thought she was just in her house. KNOWING fiona always comes out to greet people. I have cried all day in disbelief and guilt. That i could have moved her to my moms house quicker or I hadn't have gotten her anyways even though she said it was fine. I'm not only mad that I know his mother did this to me, but to fiona. A poor innocent animal. I have no tolerance for this. Not only was she my pet, but she was my outlet. I have clinical depression and ocd. and she severly helped the two. I normaly pull my hair out when i'm stressed or anxious and i hadnt since i got her. I feel like a horrible person for letting this happen. And no one understands that no, she isn't "just a rat" she was so much more than that. Now I have realized that I don't need to get a rat until I live with my mom forawhile and get a rat settled in and on a shedual where i can see it often not just having my mom play with it. I just feel so bad right now, for fiona mostly. That i let her down and that no one understands how i feel. I'm just thankful some people love rats and understand that they arent just food.
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^^ what everyone else said. hopefully she comes back to the cage when she's hungry and thirsty.
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