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They amaze me everyday :)

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I've rat proofed my room and started letting my boys free roam most of the day. Good news....Pips not really sneezing anymore and he seemed to have cleared up a few days ago. Recently I have started introducing Pip and Raz. At first I started by just having them on the floor of my room together for 15 min., a couple times a day. Then I let them play together for longer and longer amounts of times more frequently throughout the day. At first both were laying down the "pecking order". Raz would wrestle with Pip and pin him, Pip would squeak, and then Raz would walk away and Pip would keep following him. One time Pip even pinned Raz. I think Raz is the boss but it's hard to tell because both will sometimes act like the boss but most of the time it is Raz. Now they like each others company and will play together, follow each other in and out of each others homes, eat together, and sometimes sleep by each other. Everything is going smooth and my boys seem happier. :D

For right now Pip can squeeze out of the bars so I separated the bottom and top half of it and put Raz on top and Pip on bottom. For pip's half i wrapped hardware cloth around it and ziptied it. he is much happier in there. For free roam playtime throughout the day I open all the doors to their cage and leave them open. They can go in and out, play with each other, and just choose what to do....they Really like it :D

Today when I first opened the doors for them, Raz couldn't wait to get out and climbed to the top of the cage and was going to climb to the ground when all of the sudden he ran back into the cage. I thought he was scared but then I watched him and ran to his litter box, sat there for a minute, then I looked and he had gone potty. I was so proud and couldn't believe that he thought to use his litter box before going to play :D Right now I only have one litter box for Raz and he's the only one potty trained. I have to get a few more for Pip, the girls, and for when they are playing outside the cage. Rats are so smart....They just amaze me and are always learning new things.

Within the next few days I am going to download my pictures of all of them and post them in Meet My Rat.(hopefully tomorrow :)I have pics of all my rats, them playing, and pics of their teeth as I wanted to make sure they are normal. At first Pip's teeth looked long but then I looked again and they looked normal(and yes I will post those teeth pics with my questions in the health section :)

Sorry for going on but I just love finding out just how smart and loveable rats are.(Raz falls asleep when I scratch behind his ears :)

Thanks for reading....I know I really enjoy Rat stories :D
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