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I just like using that subject line for my introduction post in "New Member" areas.

I am a pet rat keeper, a pet rat forum administrator, a pet rat website webmaster . . . and, well, I always seem to go on ...

Mrs. Rattitude (my wife) and I have currently 35 rats. Yes, 35!

We have 21 boys and 14 girls. We are the recent rat-grandparents of two (actually three) accidental litters that created our population explosion. We were quite happy with eight boys, and four girls before hand.

The Boys
Inky and Teetu were adopted from a petstore. Jeremy, Nibblett, Frank and Gordon were adopted from a humane society (animal shelter), Dash and Bruiser are from Inky and Serena's litter.

The Girls
Sammy and Serena were adopted from a pet store. Sweet Pea is from Inky and Serena's litter. Aly is our very special three-footed dumbo girl we adopted from another pet store.

The Rest :wink:
The balance of our boys and girls are seven and eight weeks old and some still need to be named . . . we are so slow at times when it comes to naming our little babies, besides our daughter plans to adopt four of the baby boys, and a cousin is interested in two (most likely boys, too) so we are not abslutely certain which will be staying home.

Some of the names we are currently using are: WiiOne, Ash, and Singleton for the boys we are definitely keeping. For the girls there are: Hyper, Wallflower, Aijay, Beejay and Houdini so far . . . our greatest problem is there are quite a few agouti that are simply near impossible to tell apart.

I look forward to sharing and reading about rats, their care, and their keepers . . .

Mr. R
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