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I brought a rescue rat into my home a few months ago (you can read about it here: http://www.ratforum.com/showthread.php?231818-Firm-bites-harmless-or-something-to-be-addressed)

Ollie has made progress. He always want out of his cage and he is super hyper. He'll ride around on our shoulders and run up and down our arms without biting or nipping now. We can pet him without being bit. He's hung out with my boyfriend on the bed with no issues. He hasn't hissed, nipped or bit anyone in a while. He doesn't get puffed up anymore.

It seems like his previous family must have let him run around the house, so we started letting him run around, supervised. He shows no fear. He'll waddle up to the cat, sniff her nose and not give her any trouble. When it's time for him to go back in the cage, I can gently scoop him up and put him back in.

The cat knocked over a bunch of cookies on the floor the other day. Ollie found one and brought it up to the coach. When I finished cleaning his cage, I went to pick him up. He tore a chunk out of the joint in my finger, leaped off the sofa and jumped at my feet. I had NO warning and I bled everywhere. I didn't realize that rats can be food aggressive, although it makes sense. He didn't hiss or puff up. He just flung himself at me and then off of the sofa.

He has NO fear of anything. I'm now thinking that his behaviour might be basis for him to get snipped.

He's still not living with Gus. I'm a little afraid to have them as cage mates. I can do anything to Gus and he doesn't care. He's full of love and kisses. It would really stink if they were cage mates and I couldn't play with either of them for fear of Ollie being too rambunctious. They've gotten along quite well with intros. Last time we had them out, we put them in the cat cage and they spent an entire hour trying to get out before they realized they were together and started pestering each other.
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