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I think this place to 'blog' will probably be more like a journal to me. I already have a few blogs to maintain so I'm kind of busy with those. I think this will just be a place for me to vent and ramble on about whatever I chose. :D
I'll probably mostly stick to rat stuff though, so it'll probably include lots of affectionate rat-mother ravings.
My little girls are battling mycoplasma at the moment. So am I, actually. We're all on antibiotics and improving steadily though.
I'm just really worried that my girls will end up with permanent damage or succumb eventually, plus I want to introduce another 1-2 rats eventually and I'm worried that they might get sick even if my rats seem to be better after their antibiotics.
Butters and Kale (and my partner) are the only things getting me through at the moment. My bipolar is going haywire and it's making life really difficult. If my ratties die, I don't know what I'd do. I've only had them a month, but they mean the world to me.
Anyway, enough moping.
I wish my ratties were awake! They always sleep in till at least midday but I want cuddles NOW. Haha. :)
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