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time for antibiotics?

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One of my ratties has become a frequent sneezer. There is no porphyrin around his nose or eyes, but I noticed that sometimes when he sneezes there's porphyrin in the droplets and I've noticed some porphyrin stains where he sleeps and sneezes on the towels. I've started him on echinacea, and it has helped a lot, but I am still concerned about the porphyrin in his sneezes. Is it time for antibiotics?

If so, what is the general cost of these? What is the best kind to get?
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His floors are covered in a towel with Y'sN for his litter box. The carpets on the floor are vacuumed frequently and I don't use air freshners or Febreeze or that sort of thing in my room (where is his cage is). I'm going to see about an unscented detergent - I've never thought about that before. I can't smell anything on his towels but perhaps he can. Thanks for the input :)
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