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Tine to see the vet?

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My rat Vinny seems to be getting worse. I have taken advice from others and given him Amoxicillin for his URI, but it doesn't seem to be improving. the last few days, his breathing has become a raspy wheeze, and he has uncontrolled fits of sneezing where he makes this eerie squeaking noise. His brother doesn't show any of the signs (thanks goodness), but I'm wondering if this is a clear sign of something other than URI and if I should make an emergency appointment to see his vet?
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If you haven't seen an improvement within 3-5 days of starting medication, is go to the vet and get something stronger. It wouldn't be a bad idea to ask for some for your other rats also just in case it's a thing that can be passed to other rats and they're just not showing symptoms yet.
I suggest getting baytril. Doxy didn't work with my boys but with Jojo Baytril worked great.
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