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tiny babies in MN/WI*updated with PIC and sexes/colors8-16*

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i have a friend thats been called on to help with some orphaned babies taken to a shelter...she says that they have 12 / 3-4 week old baby rats...not sure of sexes yet
right now these babies are at Friends of
Animals in Cloquet, MN if anyones interested, and my friend says she might be able to transport about an hours drive....

if anyones interested, let me know and ill get all details

[email protected] is my email and the best way to contact me
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Re: tiny babies in MN/WI

If they're 4 weeks old you should be able to tell... and make sure they're separated boys/girls within the next week (to prevent more babies)!

Unfortunately I'm no longer in MN, so I cannot help. :(
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