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tobys tesicals have gone, they were there yesterday and now there not there!

no he hasnt been neutered or anything!
also hes not in any pain im so confused
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haha, yeah, there are muscles to pull them up, but i didn't think they'd completely disppear, lol. i do know that when it's hot out they drop so low it's absolutely nauseating, and i don't know why you wouldn't neuter a male rat because that is frankly just disgusting, but that's just me. lol.
Poppyseed said:
I find them funny. It's just a natural part of species anatomy. Males have testicals, females don't. Thinking it's disgusting is just playing into social stigma of sexuality being unatural and wrong and of all the boys private parts shouldn't be shown at any time and everyone should just forget that males have a penis.
lol, whoa buddy, i'm not saying sexuality is unnatural or wrong. i just don't like balls in my face. that goes for any species. XD and let's face it, our rats are more likely to present them so graciously to us in that manner. my one puppy has a monstrous vulva and i will not lie that i do not appreciate when she sits on my foot with that squishy thing either. LMAO.

Poppyseed said:
Maybe I should knickname him four balls lol.

2manyrats said:
Plus, my big dude's hang low to the left!!
everybody stop, i can't breathe, this is ridiculous... XD
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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