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A couple weeks ago I ended the quarantine between my three oldest rats (10-11 months) and my two new babies (2-2.5 months). They are all in a DCN with the two levels blocked off until the babies are old enough to do introductions.

Everything has gone well except I used a piece of cardboard to cover the exposed bars on the second level (result of the opening in the 2nd level tray, when the two levels are blocked off). Because of this my rat Anne suddenly became obsessed with scratching at the cardboard covering the hole in order to try and see/reach the older rats below. I've remedied this situation by replacing the cardboard with smooth plastic she does not scratch at.

To make the situation worse the babies began hiding/dropping all of their food into the litter pan which is covered by a wire screen. I came home one day to find there was blood on the screen and realized Anne had two bloody toes from scratching at the screen trying to get the food dropped in there. I have removed the screen for now to prevent this.

Anne was already on Amoxicillin to nip a particularly nasty bout of sneezing she picked up a few weeks ago (after quarantine has ended, but she seems to be the only one affected).

I've just been keeping their cage extra clean and one of Anne's bloody toes has almost completely healed, but her other toe looks worse and I think she ripped out her toe nail. It doesn't appear to be infected at all but it is slightly swollen and discolored (like bruising). I've been washing gently with unscented antibacterial soap and she's now done with her doses of amoxicillin. I'm not sure if I should bring her into the vet or if he will just tell me to keep the cage clean and wait for it to heal?

I will try to get pictures up soon but she's very young and squirmy so it's really difficult to get a focused picture. She's very active and happy, LOVES running on her wheel (I'm not sure if this might make it worse?), climbing all over the cage bars and playing with me. She doesn't appear to be in much pain but she will sometimes avoid putting her weight on the foot with the bad toe. Other than that she's a normal baby rat.
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