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Top eared or Dumbo?

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So, when I got my rat, Bosworth, I noticed something that made me wonder. Is he a dumbo or a top eared rat? The breeder said he is a top ear but from the looks of it, his ears are not on top 😂! His brother, Jami, is very obviously a top eared rat.
Here is a pic of Boz. What do you think? Dumbo, or top eared?
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He definitely looks dumbo to me... 🤷‍♀️

But I thought dumbo rats are only produced by parents who are both dumbo?
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No, you can get both top eared and dumbos in a litter, and from a dumbo - topear or ever a topear - topear pairing
I think dumbo ears are recessive, so a baby has to have 2 copies of the dumbo gene to have dumbo ears. If both the parents carry the dumbo gene (which could mean one of their parents was dumbo but they weren't) then some of the babies could be dumbo. The parents don't have to both appear dumbo, but they have to have at least one copy of the dumbo gene each.
So, the breeder should know the ear type of their rats if they know the background of the parents.

(Everything You Need To Know About Dumbo Rats)
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