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Torquil and Sally Cinnamon posing for the camera

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Torquil is the white one and Sally (her daughter) is the fawny one... do you know what colour they actually are really called Tor has a very pale creamy marking on her back but from the rest i am guessing she might be a PEW? I'm not really that bothered about colouring it is more a case of which one i find cute/likes me etc (I know they are ALL cute... and If my flat were bigger I would be over run with them) as I got into rats first off (in my adult life) when I rescued Lawrence (originally called Fudge but I thought that was a bit boring... sorry to anyone with a pet called that :oops: but it was any excuse to call him Lawrence!) after a guy in my friedns block of flats threw him and his sister down the stairs (my friend kept Lily)... he is Sally's dad BTW. Unfortunately I never got any pictures of him (well one but it is small and it wont show well enough on computer) but he lived with me for 2 years and he was a fully adult when i got him.

I bought Zacky the other day as I wanted another male, even though Tor is very friendly she prefers to run around etc I will get a pic of Zacky V soon... I tried the first day I got him but the noise scared him so I am waiting a few days til he is used to me (I think he is getting more used to me now... he was friendly when I first got him... just a bit timid)
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torquil is albino, and Sally I guess is fawn..Oh dear I forget what it is called when they have markings too! EEk sorry. They are very sweet looking!
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