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Toys and more toys!

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I'm sure there's a board on here somewhere about toys but I can't find it so I'm posting a new one. I want tons of toy ideas! Anything and everything I can fit into Betty's cage will go in! And anything more I'll just rotate through. Homemade and store bought stuff are all wanted.

So far I have two large bird toys, a wheel, a treat skewer thing, stuffed toilet paper rolls, and a hammock.
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lol, i can see where that ended.

i have cat toys that are sparkly and ones that have bells in them. the little stuffed mice (no catnip) also get demolished pretty quickly. they have an igloo used mostly for storing food and a box from one of those 12-packs of top ramen (lol, shut up, i'm a poor college student) upside down that they LOVE to crawl on, pee on, sleep under, store food under, etc. it's dark and roomy! TP tubes for chewing and throwing around, and paper towels for destroying.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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