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I've just rescued two female rats and i'm working on socializing them (with me, not with other rats)

I started with Cheereos just to get them used to my presence by the cage. These have worked well with Sniffles but Princess still has a snatch and run tendency.

I read somewhere about using baby food on the back of a spoon so that they can't run away from the goodies. I've tried this a bit with good results, but here's the cetch.

I've noticed after one day a little bit of runny, diarrhea like dropping in the bottom of the cage. The only thing i could logically attribute this to is the baby food.

Here's the question (you were wondering, i know you were =-)
Is there something akin to baby food that i could use to the same effect ad ifinitum? I thought of peanut butter, but i've read that excessive protein is not healthy, any other ideas out there?
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