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It seems I have unwittingly trained our rats to understand "home time". :D

I have them out on the couch with me and, when I think they've had enough, I ask them individually if it's home time... Lil' Buddy runs up onto my shoulder, and Ratatouille runs into my lap. It's so cute! I'm such a proud "mum" right now! :D
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haha. the words that people pick for some things always cracks me up. like i tell my dogs to sit pretty, and bring me their squidgy (it's a rawhide bone, but they get kind of squidgy after they've been gnawed on a while), and ask dakota to creep to me (she lays on her tummy and drags herself to me, it's hilarious). i was thinking about what i would like to teach my rats. picasso can kind of dance (where she stands up tall and wiggles around) so i'm thinking of training her to do it on command, lol.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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