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Traumatizing a baby rat?

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hey all.

i have 2 rats now, Noodles (the older one) and Toodles the new baby.

im in the process of introducing them, but feel that Toodles the baby is getting somewhat traumatized. im not sure how old she is. just acts very scared, timid and standoffish. is she too young for the introduction? Should i wait until she is bigger?


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No she is a good age for intro's (I can tell from her pic).
Let them work it out. Is Toodles being chased by Noodles? Is there a lot of pinning and powergrooming going on? If its not excessive I am sure that Toodles will bounce back and be an obnoxious baby rat again soon.

Intro's are harder for us sometimes than the rats. They will work it out. No blood, no foul. If there is some aggression going on, make Toodles some special baby hidey's that she can get away from bigger Noodles if she needs to.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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