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Travel from 430ft to 8840ft for week vacation with 2.5yo rats on myco meds?

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Our family is considering a week long vacation this summer to the Angel Fire NM area. We will be taking 2-5 dogs with us (haven't decided which will go with us and which will stay with my 18yo daughter who's staying at home), plus my husband and two other daughters ages 15 & 12.

Our two guys, Sherlock and Mr Watson, will be about 2.5yo at time of travel (they were rescues so no exact age known), and both are on doxy/baytril to keep myco in check as best as possible--they still sneeze and wheeze occasionally, but for the most part are ok while on meds.

My question is: Is it ok to take the ratties with us on this trip? We live in Dallas TX and it's about a 10.5hr drive without stops, so I'm sure closer to 12-13hrs with stops for potty breaks/walks for dogs & humans (we also might break the trip into 2 days, stopping in Amarillo overnight which is at 3,500ft). My concerns are the long drive in a vehicle with dogs, and the elevation at our destination, which is 8,840ft. Here in Dallas, we're at 430ft! I would most definitely bring our cold mist humidifier to battle the dryness of the air while there (as well as our handy gadget for measuring humidity levels)

Is this a concern for rats with a history of respiratory problems? I don't trust my 18yo daughter to medicate them twice daily to my ocd specifications and ratty care for my boys, and don't want to place that responsibility on her shoulders should something happen to the boys while we're away.

Any thoughts, concerns, tips, experiences are welcomed!
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As a person who has had perpetual sinus issues after moving from a low elevation area to a higher elevation, I'd be wary of taking your rats. I'm not sure if their sinuses work in the same manner that ours do, but any congestion could be worsened by the change in pressure. The fact that they're also old and prone to myco flare ups could be a problem just for the fact that that's a very long drive and it could stress them out which could cause a flare up. Add that factor to the changed pressure at the end of the trip and I think you might be better off either finding a sitter for them or training your daughter to give them their meds properly. This is, of course, just my two cents and I do understand the urge to take them with you.
I hafta say, this is how I feel in my gut, and I wanted to see how someone else felt about it, so we probably won't end up taking this trip. Maybe next year.
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