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Tumor, Abscess or something else?

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Our girl, Boba, is a year and four months old. She had a mammary tumor about four or five months ago, which she got surgery to remove.
Tonight, when we were playing with Boba, we noticed a small lump a little under her arm. It is a bit movable and is sort of squishy like skin, but not hard. We are very worried that this could be another tumor, since it is common for the tumor to come back. However, my mom thinks that it feels different than it did when it was a tumor, but I don't remember.
Boba has gained a ton of wait since she got surgery, so we think it may be some sort of detached lump of skin or something. Is this common in rats? We think it may also be an abscess.
Please tell me what you think. Thanks!
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in that location it is very likley to be a mammary lump. Especially if it's fairly squishy. It could in theory be a fatty lump (another kind of tumour). if she's put on a lot of Wight this does make both types of tumour more likely and will also speed up the growth. i would put Hey on a diet if you can and see how fast it grows
Thank you. Today I played with her and saw that the lump seemed a bit smaller and not as movable. It still isn't hard but not squishy, maybe just like flesh. Also, what diet would you recommend?
Today, I noticed that her sister, Mochi, has the same thing at the same spot, but on the opposite side of her body! Do they both have hereditary tumors or something?
What's she fed on at the moment and how much? A good starting point is cutting down in the amount and any treats or special food.

A tendency to get mammary lumps is genetic. i had a group of sisters once that had loads between then. spaying can help reduce the chance of more and getting them slimmer should help too.
Currently we feed them mostly fruits and veggies.
Also, Mochi is much slimmer than Boba.
Are you not feeding them dry mix too?
Oh yeah, of course, we feed them that too! They have a tray in their cage that always has some in there for them.
What dry mix do they have? i would not feed adlib. Instead limit it so they only get what they eat in a day. Then knock that back by about 20%. If you then scatter it around the cage and give your slimmer girl the first go at it (or if needed split into 2 daily feeds) then that will help slim her down.

You should also look at your cage set up. Get rid of any ramps and make sure there's lots of room to climb and things to do. Post a photo if you want advise. dieting rats is simply a case of decreasing food and increasing exercise.
Thanks so much!! Their cage has three platforms as well as three ramps, but I've noticed that they do climb on the side of the cage. Their dry mix is not a seed mix, we used to give that to them until we realized it wasn't healthy and now we just feed them regular food pellets. The tray is always there when they want it but they don't seem to always go to get food. Their food mix is called Oxbow.
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