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Tumor update and MC diet questions

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I took Thistle back to the vet this past Monday to speak with the surgeon about having her tumor removed. Unfortunately she confirmed my biggest fear; it can't be removed. The location it's in combined with it's size would be a near impossible challenge for even the most seasoned and skilled veterinary surgeon, and our surgeon has been doing this for 35 years.

So now all we can do is keep her comfortable. I'll be redesigning and rearranging the cage, installing softer materials to try and prevent it from being rubbed raw, putting ramps in when she starts to have issues in mobility.

Right now I have her and the other four on a special diet, trying to slow the growth of her tumor and also, hopefully, slow and/or prevent future tumors in the other four girls.

I know that eventually the tumor is going to make defecating, along with grooming, difficult. The grooming is easily remedied but I'd like to know what I can do diet wise when the time comes.
The MC diet was recommended since it's easy on the stomach. I would just like some advice and info on it and anything else that will or would help.
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Foods I often use for my MC babies are baby foods mixed with some water, and a bit of oil on occaion. I also use rice baby cereal. It can be used on it's own, or as a thickener in water baby food. Other things you can try are melons like watermelon, or very ripe banana is good (nice and dark spotty all over!), as well as lettuce. If they're all girls, you can maybe give some orange segments with the skins taken off/pith taken off. When I bake chicken, I save some of the fat drippings and will add that to their food and let it melt with a little boiling water. It tastes great for them, and adds a little fat lubrication to the diet. What do you need MC diet for, just for gentleness on their tummies? Or do you need them to have softer poops? If you just want gentleness, you can blend your normal rat kibbles and soak the powder in boiled water to make a mush (to make sure they still are getting the nutrients), but also you can mix like plain boiled chicken pieces, baby food, and steamed white rice. Goat's yogurt or goat kefir might also help their tummies if you mix it all together and give it frequently.

I hope your girls will be ok! Is it not possible to just debulk the tumor if it's not able to be fully removed? They should still be able to remove most of it, even if they can't remove all of it, I would think.
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Right now I'm looking for diets that'll soften her movements and make them easier to pass. It'll be a while yet before we have to switch her over to them though. The tumor is located directly to the left of her urethra. It's attached itself to urethra and lower intestines. I don't want to put her through the trauma of surgery if they can't get all of it. And it'll just grow right back. Quickly. It's still growing at terrifying pace. I'm truly afraid that her time with us is running out. She's still healthy and happy for now, but I know all too well how fast that can change. And I'm worried about her twin sister, Ruby. They're a bonded pair. I'm not sure what will happen to her when Thistle passes. Honestly it feels like I'm loosing two to this tumor.
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