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two girls, one passed away... what to do about cagemate?

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last night i lost my little sweetheart, florian. she had been struggling with respiratory issues for some time and last night she stopped breathing - i'm heartbroken. i'm worried about my other rat, tia. she's really healthy and i expect that she'll be around for a good while longer but i don't want her to be lonely in the cage by herself, and i know it can be very stressful for a rat to live on its own.
i'm stuck as to what to do. i want to provide the best life i can for tia, but i don't want to replace little flo so soon. plus, if i get another rat as a cagemate for tia, i feel it might start a continuing sequence of rat after rat as one passes away and another has to go in her place..
any advice on the situation? i'm so torn and just don't know what i should do.
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Unfortunately,you just described the burden of being a rat owner,they are not down here for long,compared to us and we do have to keep topping up the numbers for the sake of those rats that remain.So you need to ask yourself,do you want to carry on cohabiting with rats?If so,I would try and get a pair of young sisters as soon as possible.If you have at least 3 then you will not be left with a lone rat.I am sorry for you and Tias loss of Fllorian.Beautiful names💕🐁
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