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Two little rats picked up tomorrow!

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My name is Kyra, also known as Therian Territory, and since a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided to get 2 rats! After a little search, it turned out one of the ratteries in the neighborhood had 2 female rats for adoption with a little haste due to personal reasons (apparently the owner of the rattery had the two as their own pets). One is a white RED rat, presumably with low ears (Idk if there's a term for that), and a light grey one. The siblings are 5 months old, which to me seems like the perfect age for beginning rat-keepers. The names for the girls are yet to be decided, but I can update you guys on that if you're interested!

We bought a rat cage that seems large enough for 3-4 rats (3 floors) and we already bought all foods, bedding, toys, and all that jazz. I even made a cardboard circle for the rats to play in, which I saw somewhere on YouTube and looked really useful to me.

I hope this forum can give me help when needed, and I'm also just excited to hear from other rat-keepers' experiences!
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Aww! Updates!? Also it sounds like the white/red rat ears are a dumbo. So I am pretty sure you have yourself a dumbo Martin.
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