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Christmas greetings esteemed forum members!

My two girls - Sparkle and Peaches - are about two years old and normally well.
I cleaned their cage and changed the bedding about 3 days ago. They've got a big cage which is 3 cages tied together a plastic one at the bottom and two wire ones all stacked ontop of each other, i say this to partially excuse my not cleaning them out very often... The droppings and smells stay at the bottom and the rats occupy a variety of boxes and walk ways higher up the cage. Anyhow you must understand that it had got quite bad down there.

I use whatever suitable cardboard boxes i can for them this time i found a box that comtained a brita water filter jug and one that contained a gym ball.

Now coming to the problem of the lumps... One on EACH rat!!
Peaches has a rounded lump one and a half centimers accross around a centimeter high the lump is under her front leg whilst Sparkle's is under her rear leg and is of the same size.

I am absolutely certain that BOTH lumps appeared almost over night! i spotted peaches this morning had a look at sparkle and she had one too!

I know my rats well and the lumps were not there when i cleaned their cage nor had i spotted them over the last few days.

Have any members experienced this before? I'm feeling i may be an allergic reaction to something new in the cage. I have removed both new boxes and replaced with another.

Or my other thought is that they could have been bitten by some insect living in the old cage litter, then had a reaction against the insect bites.

Ofcourse they could have tumors but how come they've both got one?

Thanks in advance for your consideration of my problem
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