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Hi there~

I'm new to this forum, but I'm already so glad I joined. This seems like a lovely community.

So, I had two dumbo rats, Hikaru (left) and Shylo (right). Sadly Hikaru underwent euthanasia last week due to a tumor that was only getting worse :( We miss her so much at home, especially her companion Shylo.

Cage Rat Muridae Muroidea Gerbil

I very recently bought two new baby dumbo rats, Casper and Iris, to accompany and distract Shylo xD
It's really unfortunate, but Casper started sneezing and showed signs of having a URI within a day of bringing her home, we've got her on Septrin at the moment, but I'm convinced I need to put her onto a combination of Septrin and Baytril to really eradicate this. (If anyone has advice etc on URI's please private message me because I am worried about her and my other ratties). Casper has also been separated from the others, but do I really need to do this because I fear its adding to her stress and loneliness?

Anyway, Iris and Shylo are getting along great, I'm already able to handle both of the little ones which feels amazing, considering it took a couple of weeks to get Hikaru and Shylo used to me. And Shylo seems so happy to have company after the loss of Hikaru.

Sooo yeah, that's the overall of my ratties for now~
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