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well i just lost Spider in June to a severe case of URI and myco flare which was compounded with age and the vet suspected a possible allergic reaction to something in the environment. Now Tween is sick. i have to take the big cage through the car wash early for a deep cleaning to disinfect it as best i can and i have to house Tween separately for at least a week while she goes on a round of baytril for easier observation and to decrease the risk that others will get sick as well as best as possible.

did i mention i was moving apartments on the 24 and 25? and already have another cage running on top of the big one for Stewart the foster boy? i think the only place i'm going to be able to put Tween will be on my head or hanging from the ceiling! (not really of course but it feels like it).

and of course this is just in time for Minion to be getting his first needles and neuter which will cost me $160 CDN in total... *shakes head* if its not one thing its another but at least i have enough funds for all this right now. i really apprecaite being a skinflint in times like these. means i have MUCH more money saved up...

But Tween will need her baytril twice a day and to be closely monitored and i need to finish painting the new place and cleaning it this weekend. then tuesday i have to make sure i can get all the rats moved over to the new place so i can at least have room in the house to put the 3 rats passing through my way on their way to the rescue in moncton. then wednesday we get the truck to move the big things over which is going to take at least 2 trips possibly 3 or more. it will probably go on until the end of thursday in fact as though many people have volunteered to help i doubt many people will actually show up. then friday i have to go back to the old place and clean the crud out of it so the landlord will give me my damage deposit back. then i bet i'll be waiting all day saturday for him to show up to do the inspection (he's not at all punctual). and at some point during all that i need to set up an appointment to have rogers switch my service over to the new place. i'm hoping i'll be able to finish putting everything away by sunday as monday morning i have to go get my son from his dad's. why do illnesses always happen at the most inconvient time???

anyway i know what needs to be done and i'm hoping where Tween is only about 12 months and that she has only been sniffly since sunday night we'll be able to beat this thing right quick and without damage to her heart or lungs. her odd size and lack of growth since she was 5 months has me a little concerned as well as we don't know what caused or is causing that and it could complicate things.

ugh! why does it have to happen like this all the time. here i was contemplating having stewy neutered and added to the group, setting up appointments to meet with other rat owners to swap stories and share our experiences, getting ready to move and working on fine tuning a rat train from halifax-to-saint john-moncton then dealing with normal everyday things. i was just starting to get over (as best anyone can) the loss of spider and now Tween. when do i get a break? when do things smile at me and say, "you're doing great raven i think you can have some time to breathe now." but no, i don't that. i get a train in bad straights, a move that so far nearly nothing has gone to plan, disappearing money and appointments that keep falling through at the last minute.

*bangs head on desk* life really sucks...

*takes a deep breath* anyway thanks for reading the ramble but i really needed to get that out. when i originally started to post all i was concerned about was Tween but i guess i had more problems and worries i was trying to forget/ignore... *another deep breath* i'm not sure if i feel better having spewed that of not though...
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