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Um.... Please Help Me On This.

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I just got my rat BB yesterday at PetSmart for $10 and now I just feel different. Every time I hold her I feel like she will bite me. Every time she is coming toward my hand when I am giving her a treat, I just end up dropping it because I fel like she will bite me. I am new to having small pets like this, so you can understand why I feel this way. My question to you is, how long will it take her to get used to me and my mom, and will my dogs ever stop barking at her?
Please help me,
A new rat owner,
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Just like vixie and jennielove said, work with her, there are many places around the forums where people consult (intelligent word, 10 points!yess!) this problem and have suggested many different ways to get they're trust and to help you learn to trust them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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