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(Unsure)Due to my previous post about males

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Yeaaaah,so my birthday is coming up andddd for a present to myself and I wanted to get a blue male dumbo ( seeing as the wonderful people on here say you can keep males together ) so I was wondering would if it be okay to keep two males in a 10 gallon tank for about a week or so til I get back home.And if not how about a 5 gallon (the dumbo being by himself in this tank of course)?I know it sounds harsh but, It wouldnt be forever and the petstore at home I dont think..even sells rats. :roll:

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I don't know if it'd be a very good idea to get a second rat at the moment if you can't properly quarantine him. The rats will need to be separated for a few weeks into separate airspaces (preferably different houses, but if it must be different rooms then be extra careful with handling one then handling the other). I just don't think a 5 gallon would be large enough for the rat for a few weeks of quarantine then however long for introductions.

What's your cage like at home? Is it not the 10 gallon?

I would also not recommend getting a rat from a pet store. They are most likely to have health problems and some are not very friendly towards people (I'm talking from experience here). If I could do it over again, all my rats would come from breeders/adoption even though some are very sweet (Just not all that healthy).
Hmm...I've been trying to think of ways for you to pull it off but I just don't think there's a safe way. I've been looking at 5 gallon aquariums online and I don't think it'd be ok to put a rat in there even for a week. I'm not even entirely comfortable with a 10 gallon for one rat.

But let's put it this way, if you *were* to get another rat now then quarantine is out of the question since they'll be riding home in the same car?

Are there any possible alternatives here? Maybe any other pet stores around you that might possibly sell rats? Then you could get Gizmo safely home in his own cage, get the new rat in a separate cage and do quarantine.

Maybe see if there are any cages in your area on Craig's List for free or cheap? I have one that might work, but I doubt you're in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, I'm hoping you can figure out a way to make this work safely for the rats!

(By the way, I think the worst possible option is to put them in the same 10 gallon tank. Even ignoring health issues, one would probably be quite territorial over the other and they wouldn't have much space to get away from each other, so it wouldn't really be a good first impression of the new rat on Gizmo)
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I thought Pacman frogs eat ghosts?

I have a (I think) Superpet cage from Petsmart and I just wanted to throw out one warning. I got the one for rabbits (I think), and the bar spacing is a little too big for my rats. My smallest got out easily. The other ones can with some issues.

The problem is that the bars bend a little, so even though they wouldn't normally be able to get out, they can by bending the bars. The cage works fine for short-term travel, but is not a good cage for any long term use (I since adopted two rats and got the cage they were in to use as my travel cage).

Now this might sound crazy but I'm probably going to Alabama next weekend to visit a friend of mine. If you would like the cage and you're not too far off from where I'm going, I'd be happy to give it to you. I'll be taking 85 South the whole way, though I'm not sure where exactly my friend lives these days. Also, I suppose I don't know for how much longer you intend to be where you are, and it sounds to me like you're planning on getting this rat before you leave there.

Edit: I forgot to mention that if you have males the cage should be no problem at all. I forgot what sex your rat was
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Huntsville is where my aunt lives and it's almost as far from where I'm going as can be. You're practically in Tennessee! So unless you'd like to drive the three hours to meet me (Which is longer than my entire trip, and I'm in another state), I suppose that deal's off :p
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