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(Unsure)Due to my previous post about males

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Yeaaaah,so my birthday is coming up andddd for a present to myself and I wanted to get a blue male dumbo ( seeing as the wonderful people on here say you can keep males together ) so I was wondering would if it be okay to keep two males in a 10 gallon tank for about a week or so til I get back home.And if not how about a 5 gallon (the dumbo being by himself in this tank of course)?I know it sounds harsh but, It wouldnt be forever and the petstore at home I dont think..even sells rats. :roll:

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Kimmiekins said:
Which was my point. :)
LOL, well good! At least we are on the same page. :lol:
Leiren said:
I have a bunch of tanks because I'm a fish freak
Thats cool, Im a lizard freak! lol I cant hide it for anything :p

But they are fish tanks for a reason. :roll:
JennieLove said:
Kimmiekins said:
Which was my point. :)
LOL, well good! At least we are on the same page. :lol:
:lol: Coming at it from different angles, but still arriving at the right place. :lol:

Leiren - Fair enough, but I still wouldn't use tanks. I would suggest a small (but comfortable for short-term) cage. Smaller Super Pet cages work or anything along those lines. :) The awesome thing is, too, that they collapse for storage.
Then ill get one and just use the cage hes in for a pac man frog ive been wanting.Will they hold two rats?And haha you guys are all spiffy and chipper and stuff.
Pacman Frogs are so cute, but you do know that Pacman frogs eat rats when they get almost full grown right? lol xD
Yeah hahahaha,my friend has one that he feeds mice.Theyre really agressive too,his has gotten him a couple of times on the hand =/
lmao it seems like all the cute small animals are mean...pac man frogs..chihuahuas...dwarf hamsters TT_TT
I thought Pacman frogs eat ghosts?

I have a (I think) Superpet cage from Petsmart and I just wanted to throw out one warning. I got the one for rabbits (I think), and the bar spacing is a little too big for my rats. My smallest got out easily. The other ones can with some issues.

The problem is that the bars bend a little, so even though they wouldn't normally be able to get out, they can by bending the bars. The cage works fine for short-term travel, but is not a good cage for any long term use (I since adopted two rats and got the cage they were in to use as my travel cage).

Now this might sound crazy but I'm probably going to Alabama next weekend to visit a friend of mine. If you would like the cage and you're not too far off from where I'm going, I'd be happy to give it to you. I'll be taking 85 South the whole way, though I'm not sure where exactly my friend lives these days. Also, I suppose I don't know for how much longer you intend to be where you are, and it sounds to me like you're planning on getting this rat before you leave there.

Edit: I forgot to mention that if you have males the cage should be no problem at all. I forgot what sex your rat was
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Pacman frogs only eat the ghosts,because the ghosts are scared of Mcdonalds n stuffs...srsly Bob Dylan said so.

And thanks for the heads up on the superpet cage.The thing I use to hate about wire-cages is that all my hamsters and stuff use to gnaw on the bars 24/7..and id give them treats and stuff to gnaw on too,but noooooo.

And,haha i'm in Huntville currently.I'm staying here til Sept sometime,hopefully til my birthday which is on the 19th.I dont know where 85 South even is.Or at least I can't remember right off the bat.
Huntsville is where my aunt lives and it's almost as far from where I'm going as can be. You're practically in Tennessee! So unless you'd like to drive the three hours to meet me (Which is longer than my entire trip, and I'm in another state), I suppose that deal's off :p
Haha thanks anyways though.Really shows you're a nice person to come out and offer something like that to someone you even dont really know.And yeah lol,I was only planning to stay in Huntsville for medical reasons,but instead I stayed the whole summer.
There are a good number of the Super Pet cages that have the smaller bar spacing.. You just need to look out for which one you're getting. :) I believe all the rabbit ones have the larger bar spacing.
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