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When I feed my rats, they usually grab all the food and hide it around the cage. Yesterday, they took the food from the morning but left the afternoon food in their bowl. This morning I emptied and filled their bowl with new food and put 1 small slice of banana each. I went out for a walk, an hour later when I came home, I checked in on them and their food remained untouched. I decided to put some food in my hand and see what happens. They walked up to my hand and took the food like they normally would, when I gestured to their bowl, they practically ignored it until I held the bowl.

Not much has changed since 2 days ago-- or I don't think much changed. I threw out their old fleece blanket and replaced it with a new one, I changed their bedding in the litter box, (their cage is 2 tiered) I lowered the top floor, and I had to turn the cage around. I saw that my rat Xana learned how to open the cage door and what looked like her showing my other rat, Luna, how to open it also. I basically secured the cage door with an office clip and I turned the cage around so the door is facing the wall. So if the clip somehow failed, the door would be pushed up against the wall and not swing open. Unfortunately, that means I need to turn the cage around every time I need to stick my hand in there.

This is probably a sign that I need a new cage, fortunately, my boyfriend is making my rats a new 4 tiered cage but he lives in another state and I don't have plans to move in until mid september.

I checked their teeth, both of them have orange-yellow teeth. I saw nothing different in their mouths. They're just as active as they've always been. They sleep about the same too.

The only thing that comes to mind is that I bought them both a new chew and gave it to them last night (this chew to be exact: http://www.petco.com/product/108636...ws.aspx?CoreCat=MM_SmallAnimalSupplies_Treats). I saw that they completely chewed up one of them over night and the second one was almost gone also, maybe that's why they're suddenly disinterested in their food?
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