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6/16/21: He's been to the vet twice. First he was taking some SMZ oral suspension concoction and now he's on Clavamax. It's been a little over a week now and he's still sick but we're not even halfway through his bottle yet. His eye almost instantly got better after the Clavamax and some Vetericyn gel. I'm also putting a tiny bit of Amoxy-tyl in his water (the vet approves of Amoxy-tyl). I clean frequently and give him lots of warm fleece, garlic, manuka honey, children's Motrin (occasionally when it seems necessary) to help alleviate the discomfort for him.
-end of update-
He's already been to the vet for his URI and other issues [problem child]] and they didn't have much to say about this besides "we'll see what happens". I started off assuming it was just a scratch and I've been giving him anti-inflammatory eye drops/keeping his surroundings clean...

He's acting like a normal rat aside from the URI and sneezes. He hardly seems bothered aside from squinting sometimes and he blinks it on it's own sometimes, too. He blinks normally and regularly aside from that...

But what IS this??
This was him tuesday [6/1/21] see the white speck?:

This is him today, thursday [6/3/21] | It's harder to see here, but his cornea is red.

I was thinking about possibly using Terramycin but I don't know if I can use the regular for cats and dogs or if there is a special kind for rodents?
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