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I first want to thank you to those who shared pictures of how they handle issues with their rats when they had surgery to prevent them from tearing their stitches out.

I wasn't able to get Chihiro back to a vet until today as they aren't open on the weekends. I just kept the opened area cleaned and applied Neosporin 2 times a day. She played, ate and drank well and was very active even with the open wound.

The vet put staples in this time as well as a shunt to drain. Chihiro also came home with one of those cone things around her neck and she was not happy about it at all. She kept digging and digging at it then just laid in a corner of her cage, not drinking, not eating and when my daughter had tried to give her a treat, she came over eagerly but when she couldn't put her front feet up to her mouth to nibble it, she dropped it, went back to her corner with her back to us (she reminding me of a child not getting their way) but suddenly she started squeaking and climbing the side of the cage. My daughter after several attempts was able to get her out of the cage. She just kept squeaking louder and louder and climbing the cage. This is very unusual behavior for Chihiro as she is normally very quiet and will come right to my daughter and climb up on her arm. Upon inspection, I found the cone thing was digging into her neck, Chihiro's whiskers were stuck to the tape on the cone (which she probably did while fighting it) and she had torn her foot up digging at the cone.

I worry I didn't make the right decision and we will be back at the vet but I did remove the cone. While removing it, she just laid on her side and squeaked as my daughter gently removed her whiskers from the tape. It broke my heart to hear her.

Before I put her back into her cage, I will clean up the area on her tummy as well as her foot with some peroxide and put some neosporin on it and just watch her throughout the night.

Has anyone experience the use of staples to close a wound with a shunt? Is a rat able to chew this open?

Right now Chihiro is finally resting curled up next to my daughter on the couch...don't think she could get any closer.


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