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Update on Dash. Fantastic news!

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I took my Dash in to a new vet today. I already absolutely love this vet! Very knowledgeable about rats, something my last vet wasn't in spite of having a reputation as being good wth exotics. They X- rayed her chest, and the tumors that took up almost half her lungs are just pinprics now! The vet couldn't believe a rat diagnosed with lung tumors in September is even alive all this time later. The growth of the tumor on her side is slow enough that at her age it wouldn't be worth putting her through the pain of surgery, but it's not affecting her mobility or quality of life. It's about marble sized. I was given some anti inflamatories for her, but otherwise as told just keep doing what I'm doing. My little girl is nothing short of a miracle.
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Thanks:) I'm just so glad she's still alive. At her age I don't know how long she has, but she's beating all the odds and astounding the vets. She was breathing a bit heavy at the vet's, but I think just from stress. Otherwise you'd think she's just a normal rat. even her weight is good for her age.
That is fantastic! ;D Best wishes for Dash from me and my girls!
I got your PM and saw the smiley face and got excited. But now that I read your update, it's so much better than I thought! YAAAY!!! I'm so happy for your both! That's really amazing!! ;D;D Did you tell the vet about your turkey tail/wheat grass regime? What did the vet say about that? Have you modified your supplements for her at all? Obviously, something is working! I'm super excited for you, I hope she has a lot longer left to spend with you! How old is Dash now?
Thanks:) It's just such a miracle each day when I wake up and find her still alive. I mentioned it to her, and she said it must be doing some good or Dash wouldn't be alive now. I've started adding gogi berry juice since that has a reputation as fighting cancer and supposedly has some anti- aging properties. Not sure when just age will take her, but she's doing so unbelievably well! She's almost two years and two months, she will be if she lives until Jan 15
I feel pretty confidant she definitely will! She seems like a real fighter. I'm so glad all your efforts to help her have payed off so well! *dances with pompoms* Go Dash!
Thanks:) I tell her she has people cheering for her. I'm always so amazed by them. Only she and three of her sisters are left from her litter, but none of them ever just laid down and accepted it. Each one fought so far beyond what was expected. She's such a brave girl.
What a little fighter!
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