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I had posted a bit ago about urine burns on my daughter's rats, and having an allergic reaction to their touch. Well, daughter was "cleaning out the cage", but it turns out that she was only changing the shreds, and not washing or wiping anything down. Their little plastic castle they normally love to sleep on was crusted in dried urine, and they were understandably avoiding it!

Now that that's cleaned up, things are much better. No more pained squeaks, and I can love them for a little while without getting too itchy.

Here they are. Luna is the brown-and-white, Nova is the albino. (Albinos get white-eye from flashes... that's amusing!)

I just gave them pork rawhide from a local butcher... OMG! Nova bit my finger trying to get at it! This will be a treat for them, definitely, not a constant occurrence, but darn do they love it!


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