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Tried to post this earlier, but it seems to have disappeared? If I'm doing something wrong, admins, please let me know!

My daughter was having problems with urine burns on her rats. Also, I was having a terrible allergic to the rats while handling them, I couldn't even hold them for a couple of seconds without itching terribly. We were still having problems after stepping up the cage cleaning. Well, as it turns out, the problem was still cage cleaning. My daughter was changing the shreds more frequently. But she wasn't wiping the cage down. Their plastic castle they liked to sleep on was crusted with urine. No wonder they stopped using it!

So, now it's properly cleaned, there's not more pained squeaks coming from the cage, and I can actually hold the mousies for a few minutes without itch! Here they are:

Rat Animal shelter Cage Muridae Mouse

The albino is Luna, brown-and-white is Nova. Who would have thought an albino rat would get white-eye in a photograph? Amused!
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