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UPDATE: Our Mischief - Their URI issues

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everyone is doing pretty good now except my little baby Scarlett. Our mischief of 6 rats are all on the 9th or 10th day of Baytril and although some are still sniffling and a few wet sneezes, it has improved. We've only seen porphyrin a couple times, but it stops and is minimal. They're all eating, drinking, playing and acting happy and healthy. We have noticed some more sneezing/congestion in the evening hours vs daytime. Scarlett however started to improve on day 2-3 at least with the chest symptoms, vet said she had the URI infection deeper down than the rest. She's sneezing every few seconds and sounds severely congested, making honking and warbling noises again. Ive had her to the vet and she's still on Baytril. We're started the 2nd round as of monday. She refuses the tin bits of dark chocolate I offer, and I've tried steam treatments but it doesn't change anything. After reading posts here I asked the vet about Doxy and he said it's highly difficult for him to get and very expensive, he refilled the Baytril. By finishing they will have gotten 14 days on it. Its Scarlett I'm the most worried about. My hands are tied until January 2nd I spent the remainder of my months income taking all 6 to the vet and can't go back till pay day, if she makes it that long. I'm not sure she's going to survive this and it's honestly breaking my heart. No one I can borrow funds from, I wish there was. Feel sick inside. She's my little baby heart rat. It would kill me if anything happens to her.
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I'm sorry that you are going through this and hopefully everything turns out alright. Just thought I would throw it out there.. does your vet take care credit? Thought I would just mention it because if they do, they can call in your info and get it approved over the phone for same day use. When I was working at a vet hospital approx 6 months ago I remember the price of doxy drastically increasing.. pharmaceutical price fluctuations can be insane sometimes.
With regards to the dark chocolate, if you moisten it in your mouth firts, your rat will most likely eat it.
onisteverina- i loved the idea about care credit when I first heard about it. the vet clinic told me about it when we took then in. tried to apply on the spot and they declined me : ( so that's amother option out the window. Really hope things turn out okay too. Its hard when your funds are few and far in between. DustyRat- my girls must be really unusual, I tried your suggestion and the little stinkers still refused to try it.
Melt the chocolate and drizzle it on their favorite treat? Also, if/when you have the money, I suggest getting amoxicillin online either from a bird or fish supplier. In my experience, it works better than doxy (minocycline may be a cheaper option than doxy and works too if your vet has that) and baytril and you don't have to take them in every time they come down with a URI. I'm not advocating overuse of antibiotics or anything and you should definitely not give them meds for every sneeze, but it helps to have meds on hand especially when you've got multiple rats with the same symptoms.
Really? How weird, lol
Sorry for delay guys, had Christmas to celebrate and family was staying over. We tried drizzling the chocolate on their cheerios and pieces of barley but the stinkers tossed it out of the cage on the floor. Grrrr they are so difficult. URI wise they are improving but slower than I like. We just finished day 14 of Baytril and 3 of the 6 are still more sneezy and a little congested. The other 3 girls are sneezy but nowhere near what they were. Is 14 days long enough? Could they safely go 1 more week? Hate to have them off meds but still sneezy, even if it's not as bad as it was. Scarlett is doing better this morning thankfully. This is the first morning that she sounds decent and the congestion is WAY better. Still sneezy but at least she doesn't sound so terrifyingly congested. Maybe she's just taking longer to respond due to her infection being the worst initially.
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