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upgraded to dfn!

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I upgraded to the dfn from the one on the right. I got the dfn off of Craigslist for $20 !!! I am sooo excited! My boys love it!
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$20 is quite a steal! Congrats on the new cage :)
nice cage I have one just like It and a Living World cage which Is
the same kind of cage , I have my 2 older girls Snowball and Mickey In one and the new babies Summer and Breezy In the other , they all love their cage and they love all the room
$20? Wow! That is an amazing deal! Good luck with the DFN, they're fun to decorate for sure.
That's so awesome! I love your setup and your ratties are so lucky! What was that fuzzy looking bed in the back? You said it was their favourite. It looked like it had a tail?
I got those beds at petco. it looks like a Daniel Boone hat... Lol
Aw sads, we don't have petco here. They're cute though ^_^
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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