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I just noticed that Mica's left eye is bulging out. There's been no recent change in mood but she has been sleeping a lot more but I chalked it up to her adjusting to the recent move we made from MI to NC; I also feel the need to mention that she's currently cage alpha and she hates it, she's become a bit depressed.
The only reason she's alpha right now is because at the time there was no one else to step up.

Aside from the sleeping more she seems to be in perfect health; no porphyrin build up, clear lungs, healthy weight, healthy appetite, etc.

Currently I'm trying to find a job so my husband and myself can move here officially so money's tight at the moment but if it comes down to it I will take her to a vet.

The vet is also an issue as I haven't found a good one down here yet and my standards are rather high (but then again they aren't just pets to me, they're my frickin children).

I just need some advice as to what to do. I know steroids help if it's a pt, and i have amoxi, doxy, and baytril if it's an infection (praying it's something simple like an infection).

Here's some photos of her eyes, please excuse the mess I'm in the middle of final intros:

EDIT: if the attached photos are too small please say so and I will add more. I cannot tell as I'm using my phone
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