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My baytril is coming in today by fedex. A few sources are saying that it should be 5ml flavored liquid to 1ml baytril. I got the 25ml bottle of 10% Enrofloxacin from a bird supply store.

4 of my adults have URIs. Possum, Churro and 2 of my daughter's* Delta and Scarlett. They are on day 6 of 7 days of treatment. Possum sounds slightly better but I think 7 days isn't enough. She was real bad. Some sources online are saying 14-21days. Im going to continue for another 2 weeks. Churro is only slightly improved and could benefit as well. Of course Delta and Scarlett will also be treated 2 weeks longer.

The Dose the vet gave me is directly between 0.2ml and 0.3ml 2xs a day for 7 days for adults

0.2ml 2xs a day for 7 days for 3 month olds

Ive been advised to mix 4 or 5 ml flavored syrup to 1 ml Baytril. That's easy enough. It'll make 5 or 6 ml of mixed syrup + meds.

Is my math below correct???

4 ml syrup/water to 1 ml Baytril for the ratio to dilute.

Dosing- 0.3ml twice a day is 0.6 ml a day per rat?

0.3ml 2xs a day for 4 rats equals 2.4ml?

0.3ml 2xs a day for 14 days for 4 rats is 33.6ml?

I need to figure out much of the diluted mix to make in one bottle for the 4 adults for 14 days. Then a separate bottle for the 2 girls that are 3 months old. They get 0.2ml 2xs a day for 14 days.

So if someone can help me figure out how much water or syrup to mix with the baytril for the adults and then* separate recipe/ratio for the 3 month olds I'd be very grateful.

Need this broken down as simple as possible as I have learning disabilities in math.


Shiloh 3 months old* 245g
Shadow 3 months old 242g
*these 2 need 2 weeks at 0.2ml Baytril

Delta 363g on day 6 of 7
Scarlett 395g on day 6 of 7
Possum 310g on day 6 of 7
Churro 560g on day 6 of 7
*these 4 need 2 more weeks at 0.3ml *
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