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Urgent please reply

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I have two rats both male who have been great since I got them I just got home and the more dominant rat when my mother went to let him opened his mouth as wide as it could go in the attempt to bite her we repeated this several times and then I tried petting him and he did the same thing I retracted my hand before he could bite me he has a bit of brown stuff on his side like almost barely any and I checked his brother who is fine but is breathing weirdly I have his brother with me now I'm am really scared someone please reply
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Is he neutered?
How old is he?
He may be extremely hormonal and in need of a neuter.
When male rats hit a certain age, they can have an overflowing amount of testosterone. This makes them aggressive to every one, rat and human alike. The only solution is a neuter (which is actually beneficial in many ways).

Can you explain the brown stuff better? Is it blood? Food? Wet/dry?
Could it possibly be mites or lice? These can make any rat aggressive and irritated.
The breathing is also concerning. Please explain it in more detail or post a video.
Can you get a video or at least a picture?
He stopped the breathing and is a bit calmer I have him on my lap my mom is making a appointment for a neuter as we have been talking about it for a while he is 9 weeks old but I think the store might be a bit off by age
I would post a pic but he's in a coat in my lap running in the sleeve so I don't want to mess with him
I am definitely going to get him neutered because I just had a like huge panic attack over this
Neuters are a good choice. There are typically no complications other than perhaps an abscess (similar to a pimple)
They can also reduce the chances of tumors, PT, future cage mate problems and plugs.

9 weeks does seem a bit young, but pet stores are notorious for messing up rat ages.
Let us know more about the brown stuff if you can too, seems mysterious.
They're WAY too young for hormonal aggression, judging by the pictures I've seen of them. I mean, I've never heard of it hitting that early, but I guess it could... I find it highly unlikely, though. Still, I recommend neutering so you can avoid hormonal aggression.

Sorry, I have no clue what is going on with your rats.

When/if you decide to neuter, let me know. The vet I recommended in a PM isn't necessarily as good as I was led to believe. Still, it's only $77 for a neuter, so you get what you pay for...
You need to take both of the rats to an exotic vet. If they are indeed 9 weeks old, then that is way too young to exhibit hormonal aggression! There may be a multitude of things going on internally with their health that could be making them act irrationally. It is important to find a good, knowledgeable vet who can shed some light on what could be wrong. How long have they been in your care? Is the change in behavior sudden or gradual?

As to the brown stuff on his side - what is the consistency? Is it a scab? liquid? wound? Do you think the other boy attacked him or he could have injured himself? Is there anything in the cage or environment that could be causing them distress or injury? A sharp object or something poisonous? Just trying to look at all possibilities.
I tend to concur, if the problem isn't hormonal aggression the neuter really won't make and difference in his behavior. Actually although some will debate this point, it could make trust issues for example worse.

Get some thick gloves or oven mitts, get him out of the cage in a relatively confined space and try playing with him... see what happens... If he's disoriented or lethargic he may have a serious health issue... If he's defensive someone or something may have frightened him. And a vet check up isn't a bad idea...

9 weeks is typically too young for hormonal aggression. Do some diagnostics before you opt for surgery.

Best luck.
I bieleve the brown stuff might have been buck grease not 100% sure because it's gone today I am making a vet appointment today
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