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I am giving my rats to my parents to look after for a week so I need to know what to do about this.

About two days ago Nim who is almost four months old became an extremely fussy eater. Until two days ago she was a total guts who ate anything I put in the cage.

For the last two days I have only witnessed her eating her meal worms, chicken and chewing her rat treat.

So my logical thought is she is eating other things when I am not looking, but to ease my fears I decided to hand feed her (Both my rats are used to being hand fed). So I put Ace's dinner in the cage and took Nim and have tried to hand feed her veggies but she won't eat any. She won't eat any oats either.

Any suggestions? I am really worried because my parents were hesitant to look after them and I don't want them to be hard work.
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