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Binx, War, and Peace!
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Last week I made a post about my rat, Binx. I thought he was dying and there wasn't much I could do. Since then, I've been in the hospital in inpatient care so my sister has been watching him and my other rats. I got back yesterday and she was telling me about their behavior and stuff, especially Binx's. I'm 90% sure he has an URI, I've also talked to one of my friends who has owned rats, is very knowledgable about rats, and works in a vet clinic, and he agrees. I've scheduled a vet appointment for him but it is a drop off appointment for Monday (11/28/22) This is almost a week away but is the soonest I can get him in somewhere close to where I live. I'm looking for any advice on how to lessen his symptoms or his discomfort until I can get him to the vet. He has been separated from my other rats and I have been giving him soft foods because he won't eat his hard food at the moment. I am planning to get a humidifier to put near his cage today. Is there anything else I can do to help him until I can get him to the vet?

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Hi! I recommend 0.1 ml of Baytril orally every 12 hours (Once morning and once night) for 14 days. They sell it online, like on allbirdproducts.com

You can also put the rat in a steamy room, like a bathroom with the shower running for 10-15 minute sessions at a time. That will help clear the breathing passages.

Small amounts of DARK chocolate also help.

Make sure the rat is still eating, drinking, and acting normally.

Put him back with his cage mates.

If you feed a fortified diet like oxbow or Mazuri, science selective, or any fortified diet. Block or pellet, you can put some in a bowl, put some warm water on it, and wait till the food absorbs it, and then feed it to your rat! It鈥檒l look like a mush. So it鈥檚 easier to eat! Just leave a bowl with it in there 24/7. Along with fresh water in a bowl.

A humidifier, fan, and air purifier will also help!

And of course bring the rat to the vet!

I wish you the best of luck, and keep me updated!

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Do NOT ever administer antibiotics without consulting a vet. Buying them without prescription is illegal in most countries, and there is no guarantee that this is a bacterial infection. It can also cause unforseen problems, and they will calculate the actual correct dose.

You can try a steamy room for a short period, but be very careful because it can also make things much worse if the URI has devolved into pneumonia. Air conditioning that dries the air could conversely cause issues in a dry infection.

Do NOT put him back with his cagemates. This could be any number of highly contagious conditions, and you may go from potentially losing one rat to potentially losing all of them.

Dark chocolate is rumoured to ease the symptoms slightly, and can't do any harm, even if it just cheers them up.

Unfortunately, there is ultimately very little you can do, other than get them to a vet asap. Make sure you ask the vets to contact you if there are any cancellations. Tell them it is an emergency.

Baby food can be a good way to get some much needed nutrients into them if they're off their food.

I wish you the best of luck, this is unfortunately the curse of all rat parents...
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